Seattle's Dream Cream - Export

Seattle's Dream Cream can help you export your frozen dessert products no ifs and or buts about it. Too often dairy vendors will try to export their products abroad but are met with so many obstacles that they shy away from the attempt. Our business was initially built on exporting custom-made ice cream products to Japan so we know we can help you.

Japan and the rest of Asia are vital regions for dairy export but the transportation logistics and paper work involved as well as the standards that must be met often make the challenge too great. In lay man's terms the quality standards that must be met for frozen dairy products to gain acceptance in Japan are ten times stricter than that required in the United States. Additionally, all Asian markets prohibit a number of ingredients that would be commonly accepted in the United States. Developing products that are exportable is not a simple process. We have formulated a number of ice cream flavors that exceed all required quality standards for export to Japan. Included among these is an exclusive coffee flavor that serves as the signature ice cream for Tully's Coffee Japan, a publicly held chain of upscale coffee houses with more than 100 units.

From formulation to shipment to tracking on the other end, exporting and maintaining on-going overseas sales of frozen dairy products is tricky business. We have the experience to help you with every detail necessary to become a successful exporter. Seattle's Dream Cream can make your export visions a reality.

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