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About Us

Seattle's Dream Cream Corporation was founded by Kurt Wibmer in July, 2001. Kurt has extensive experience in the ice cream and frozen dessert industry. During his 18 year career he has developed a broad network of colleagues that represent all facets of the industry from product development to distribution and placement.

Kurt recognized a void in the industry and founded Seattle's Dream Cream as a means to fill the gap. Over the years Kurt helped hundreds of customers develop a broad range of products that required vastly different processing needs. He recognized that no single company had the capability to satisfy every customer's specific needs with regard to quality and quantity and realized that as often as not he had to turn business away. Kurt recognized the frustration faced by so many individuals as they sought to develop custom made frozen dessert product. Too often the only answer a potential customer received was another phone number to call. Seattle's Dream Cream has now changed that. In Seattle's Dream Cream Kurt has founded the consummate private label company.

Whether you want three gallons of vanilla, 100 tubs of green tea ice cream or 18 pallets of single serve ice cream cups shipped to the Far East, Seattle's Dream Cream is now the only company you need contact. Seattle's Dream Cream can offer you as little or as much help as you need in formulating new products and placing them appropriately. We have extensive knowledge in developing and bringing products to market for both retail and food service applications. We will guide you through the product development phase and then match you with the dairy processor, distribution network and sales force that best fit your goals for the product. From conception to placement or any part in between, Seattle's Dream Cream is now the only resource you need.

Seattle's Dream Cream also offers its own signature blend packed for food service applications. Our own super-premium ice cream has a 14% butterfat base and a 50% overrun. We have developed this product to satisfy the customer that desires a high end product but at a price somewhat lower than the standard super-premiums Haagen-Daz and Ben & Jerry's. Seattle's Dream Cream also represents Tully's Coffee in selling their high-end soft serve ice cream mix that we helped create. The product is available in ½ gallon containers. We hope you will visit our products page for more information about everything we offer.

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