Seattle's Dream Cream - Consulting

In our bare essence Seattle's Dream Cream really is a consulting and brokerage firm. Though we have extensive experience in product development and processing we currently do not have the facilities to manufacture finished products. Instead we have developed contractual relationships with a number of processing firms throughout the Pacific Northwest. Whether the product you seek needs to be processed on a 5-gallon capacity batch freezer, a 100-gallon continuous flow machine, or a 2000-gallon novelty line we will find the processor you need.

We have negotiated favorable pricing structures with all of our contract producers. This generally allows us to secure you with unit costs below what you would have been able to negotiate on your own. We will arrange for the most efficient, lowest cost and highest quality manufacturing option available. In addition to product development we offer you an array of services from organizing freight and distribution services to brokering your products to completing export documentation to writing press releases. Each of our customers is unique and we work closely with them to perform only the tasks they require however simple or extensive.

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